Statement Content Analysis

Statement content analysis (SCAN) was first created by Avinoam Sapir, a former Israeli policeman and current director of the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation. It is a powerful tool for analysing speech or written statements to direct investigations or detect areas of deception.

SCAN is a development of similar previous statement analysis techniques such as statement veracity analysis (SVA), criteria based content analysis (CBCA) and theoretical verbal analysis (TVA).

SCAN is used worldwide by many police investigators, well known organisations such as the FBI & CIA as well as by many in the corporate world such as lawyers and HR professionals as it allows the practitioner to identify areas of a story or interview which show signs of deception and therefore can be used to direct questioning lines for further information gathering.

SCAN focuses specifically on changes in pronoun use, tenses and content structure compared to a truthfully told story to identify these areas of potential deception. Once learned, SCAN is almost impossible to ‘turn off’ and is a valuable technique for not just investigators but also business professionals and civilians alike.

The “Lie Detection Institute” offers SCAN modules as part of any of the advanced courses to fully round out those graduates who wish to be true investigators rather than examiners.