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Polygraph examiner courses online

All of our polygraph examiner courses are offered via e-learning online which allows for flexible start dates and ease of access which can save you thousands in flights and accommodation. We offer two levels of polygraph examiner courses to become a forensic psychophysiologist. Our basic polygraph examiner courses will give you a diploma in Forensic Psychophysiology and covers everything needed for you to start your new career. This involves ten units for you to work through and requires approximately 450 hours of study.

For those wishing to delve a little deeper we additionally offer a Master in Forensic Psychophysiology which has an additional eight units detailing alternate methods of lie detection. Our polygraph examiner courses continue as the masters course also includes a three day workshop covering body language, facial expressions and gives you an additional certification for Statement Content Analysis (SCAN).

Polygraph examiner courses via e-learning

Both polygraph examiner courses cover the history and development of each technique, move through the biological, physiological and psychological components of the mechanics of psychophysiological detection of deception (PDD) and end with a practical component where you master the collection & analysis of the data along with polygraph software program proficiency.

Our Polygraph examiner courses


  • Unit 1: History of lie detection and the polygraph machine
  • Unit 2: Fundamentals of neurology
  • Unit 3: Structure of our nervous system
  • Unit 4: Fundamentals of psychophysiology
  • Unit 5: Emotions and stress
  • Unit 6: Introduction to polygraph and the equipment
  • Unit 7: Methods and protocols
  • Unit 8: Data collection and analysis
  • Unit 9: Polygraph testing reports
  • Unit 10: Polygraph testing, law and ethics

You will receive your polygraph examiner certification from the Lie Detection Institute on successful completion of your course (minimum 70% pass grade) and additionally will have lifetime alumni membership with the institute. Firstly, the initial theory phases of our polygraph examiner courses are done fully online in a work at your own pace environment. Afterward, the final practical and software components are covered exclusively by the Lie Detection Institute in either an online version or in-person classes as decided. All successful polygraph examiner training candidates will automatically receive their first year of membership with the International Society of Polygraph Examiners (ISOPE) head up by the renown Nate Gordon.

Simply mail us an enquiry for the latest course start dates and prices. info@liedetectioninstitute.com

Polygraph examiner courses