Welcome to the Lie Detection Institute

The world of detection of deception (DOD) is a wide and varied one. We at the “Lie Detection Institute” have endeavoured to create a singular place where one can undertake courses in all forms including statement content analysis (SCAN), body language analysis and traditional bio-feedback polygraph examiner training (BFP). We are also the official learning partner of the entire African continent and provide training to the United States and most of Europe for the European Polygraph Association (EPA), one of the truly international associations.

All of our polygraph courses are available via e-learning online by default with the possibility to arrange classes in person on special request. Start dates are flexible and our polygraph courses can be undertaken from the comfort of your home and working at your own pace. Send us an email enquiry to receive our polygraph training brochure outlining our course options and prices.

Due to the large network of polygraph examiners who have qualified either through the “Lie Detection Institute” itself or have been trained previously by one of our class leading polygraph instructors we also offer polygraph testing services throughout South Africa and even continent wide.

To use our polygraph testing services to screen prospective and existing employees or to resolve incident related issues feel free to enquire via email so we can send you a quote as soon as possible.

The staff at the “Lie Detection Institute” have all received extensive training in forensic psychophysiology, are all full members of the EPA and adhere strictly to an ethical code of conduct widely accepted in the DOD industry.