Polygraph Testing

The Lie Detection Institute offers polygraph testing on a near continent wide scale due to the fact that we have a network of only the best of our graduates in any particular area. New areas of operation are constantly being added as more and more graduates excel.

Main uses for polygraph examinations are for pre-employment honesty screenings, regular security screening of existing staff and resolving incident related issues such as theft or accusations of misconduct.

Companies can save themselves many thousands in time or stock losses by simply screening prospective employees. Investigations can be directed in relation to incidents that may have occurred based on the results of a polygraph examination. All of our test results are strictly quality controlled by the Lie Detection Institute’s senior staff and results are ready to be released generally within 24 hours.

Prices can vary according to travel time, number of tests to be conducted and the technique used so contact us for a quote for your specific needs. info@liedetectioninstitute.com