As the official learning partner for the entire African continent, all of our courses are accredited by the European Polygraph Association (EPA) also known as Europolygraph. The EPA is one of the world’s largest associations after the American polygraph association with members in 35 different countries and increasing at a rate exceeding 100 members per annum.

Europolygraph has official European and international recognition, registered in the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and the National Registry of Associations with the date of foundation in 2003.

Europolygraph is made up of professionals who perform examinations using the most advanced technology, hardware & software, observing the ethical, legal, and scientific guarantees proposed by our statutes according to the specific needs of the workplace.

To become a full member of the European Polygraph Association, it is essential to prove that you have completed a training program in Forensic Psychophysiology certified by a recognized school, the content of which includes at least 400 hours of theoretical and practical training.

In addition, all members of Europolygraph have proven ethical and moral solvency by presenting an official certificate issued by the authorities of their country of origin.

As in other professions, our members must accredit continuing education through training and updating programs to remain current.